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Higher Quality And Total Care Solutions For The Chronically Ill

Looking for better ways to help treat the chronically ill utilizing state of the art technology? Coordination Centric has what it takes to help physicians monitor & manage chronically ill patients more effectively thru remote patient monitoring. We help with...

  • Diabetes Care
  • Hypertension Care
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Weight Management
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Bridging Providers to Patients for Incredible Results

  • Physicians
  • Facilities
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Expanded Reach

Physicians need new ways to interact with their patients. Current healthcare demands continue to put unnecessary strain on an already overburdened industry. Remote technologies enable physicians to practice the future of medicine. Our solution is an efficient way to track patient progress and reaction to medication regimens. This reduces overall physician work load by preventing wasteful post-acute care and unnecessary hospitalizations. Coordination Centric will get you working virtually with new reimbursements. Manage your chronic care patients with our unique solutions, expand your reach and become their Super Hero!

Better Patient Management

Hospitals and Home Health agencies are benefiting from Remote Patient Monitoring Reimbursement. Hospitals are being penalized for readmissions and demands on transitions of care are increasing. Coordination of care can be difficult to implement after discharge. Coordination Centric can help your facility get your patient's physician involved quickly and efficiently. With our intuitive software we call The Bridge by Coordination Centric a facility can better manage their patient's outcomes. This program is reimbursable in many states. Don't wait to take advantage of the benefits. Coordination Centric is an expert in implementing a remote patient monitoring program.

Enhanced Healthcare Experience

Chronic conditions can be difficult to manage. Patients need to have the ability to include others in their care. With our remote solutions, a care team can engage them with real objective data at their fingertips. This helps the care team know how they're doing on a daily and weekly basis. These may include family, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. Whether managing hypertension, diabetes, or other chronic conditions we can help. Our patient-centric permission based software can alert those that matter to a patient's specific situation. By allowing us to assist in their chronic condition management we can enhance their healthcare experience.


What We Do

We offer both Telemonitoring Equipment and Software. The Telemonitoring Equipment (Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Pulse Oximetry, Scale Devices) goes in the Patient's Home and communicates (via the cellular signal) near real-time to the Doctor with up-to-date patient vital information. ``The Bridge`` Telemonitoring Software is our State of the Art Clinical Call Center Software for the management of large scale telemonitoring operations.
In addition to The Bridge Software, Coordination Centric also offers Connectivity Management, Customer Support, Training, Newsletters and Monthly Q/A.
We're happy to visit you to go over how our program works in person. First, fill out the information for an on-site demo. Then, one of our team members will contact you to set up an appointment. Finally, we'll visit you, go over the process and answer any questions you may have about the program, service, and billing... all in under 30 minutes!

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