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What Is Telemonitoring?

Telemonitoring involves remotely monitoring patients who are not at the same location as the health care provider.

A patient has a number of vital sign monitoring devices at home.  The results of these devices will be sent via a cellular gateway to the health care “coordiNator”.

When the results of the patient are beyond the parameters the physician requests, then our health care “coordiNators” relay this information to the appropriate clinical team.

Why Choose Coordination Centric?

Leading Remote Health Hardware

High quality RPM equipment

Simple & Collaborative Software Design

State of the Art Software

Connectivity Management

Simple, encrypted w/ medical alerts

Physician & Team Training

For physicians, qualified health care professionals, and clinical staff

Ongoing Customer Support

Training, billing, newsletters, and more

Monthly Q&A

We provide ongoing education and updates for you and your staff

Features of ``The Bridge`` RPM Software

Leading Remote Health Hardware & Software Provides You With The Following Features:

  • Simple and Collaborative Software Design with Expandable Hardware
  • Dependable and Encrypted Biometric Transmission
  • Standardized Notation & Time Tracking
  • Secure, Encrypted, & Compliant
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