Health HQ

The COVID-19 Rapid Return To School Program

Helping you adapt to the New Reality

An employer’s biggest asset is its employees. Keeping a safe work environment is of the utmost importance, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Reducing contact exposure and appropriately managing conditions will help you keep everyone in your organization safe.

The Health HQ Rapid COVID-19 Solution is designed to use the latest, state-of-the-art mobile technology to provide automated contact tracing & screening in order to help stop the spread of viruses in schools.

Returning to in-person instruction is crucial… so is giving everyone the confidence they need to return to school. The Health HQ Rapid COVID-19 Solution will give everyone the peace of mind that you are doing everything humanly possible to meet the challenges of these unprecedented times.

School Health App

Powered by Coordination Centric

The app assists your students, faculty, and staff in getting professional medical assistance when needed most.

Contact Tracing

Automated contact tracing and automatic notifications after positive tests


Healthcare professionals ready to assist virtually

COVID-19 Testing

PCR Testing available for return to school protocol

Rapid Contact Tracing At The Touch Of A Button

Our app takes self positive case reporting to another level.

The application is proximity sensing, which can automatically and anonymously send notifications to users that have come in contact with positive COVID 19 cases.

Our app can automatically send Rapid Contact Tracing alerts and may also be managed through the Command Dashboard. Schools may customize this process in accordance with a specific protocol.

These alerts are a crucial step in preventing outbreaks.

We also deploy geomatics to provide a high-level map of location and time associated with the positive case.